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Do you know where the Lone Wol
Do you know where the Lone Wolf travels?
When you look at him
Do you see the proud hunter wishing only to feed his family?
Maybe you see the strong noble spirit looking to make a new life.
What if, rather, you see the moments between then and now or now and then?
Where once proud, now in silent despair
Where once strong, now only surviving.
Going not to proudly provide, but to somberly survive
Going not in strength or nobility, but quiet suffering
When you listen to his calls in the vast quiet
Do you hear the song that pulls at all living things?
Maybe you hear a lost souls torment
When you meet his eyes
Do you see the spark of life
Do you see the cloak of death
Do you see the numbness of apathy?
When you look at him
Are the pages of your own life opened before you?
Are his possibilities closed to you?
Maybe all you see is a big white dog.
For whom then should I weep?
For him, for what might be?
For you, for what you might not see?
For me, for what cannot be and cannot be seen?
What if
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Dark Heart of the Night
Dark Heart of the Night
I'm so tired:
Tired of being lost,
Tired of being afraid,
Tired of looking out,
At a world that has no place for me.
I've always wondered why my memories,
Are of life in the dark.
Even the best of times
Have a backdrop of night.
I can't feel secure in love,
Probably because I do not feel secure in life.
I can't even tell if I feel at all,
My mind is so numb.
In "Dune", they say "Fear is the mind killer"
How true this is.
Fear of failing; so I stop trying.
Fear of being alone; so I hide.
Fear of losing it all; so I feel nothing.
So, I kill my 'self' day by day.
So far gone, I can't even lose myself in the things I enjoy so much.
I haven't been home in close to a year,
I haven't touched paper with my dreams in almost as long.
What I do is by rote, and that is so minimal.
Faint glimmers, dying sparks, distant mirages, voices in the night.
All fades in the vast dark of my mind.
Is it really any wonder I hate the creature I've birthed,
And fear this bed I've made?
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Circus Macromus
Circus Macromus
Brown feline eyes flash in anger and frustration.
"You heard us," a voice not unlike 'Brown Eye's' own, though aged and resonant.
Green flecked golden eyes and rich amber eyes express unified strength of purpose and thought. "Don't take that tone with your mother!"
Abashed, but still angry, white furred eyelids close over blazing brown irises, and a silvery colored head bows almost chin to chest. "I'm sorry."
"Son, please. We're not trying to…" the older male voice begins but cuts off abruptly as the bowed head turns away. Spiky hair sways slightly with the abrupt turn, sorrow and resignation clearly written in dropping ears, slumped shoulders, and limp arms. Even his stripes seemed to hang in sad lines throughout his fur.
"I'm tired, I'm going to bed." The young feline whispers as he pads away. His somber mood is reflected in the cloud darkened sky hanging outside the bedroom window. Waiting on his bed is the only friend and comfort he truly knows, and that truly
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Heartwing by Zeralia by heartwing Heartwing by Zeralia :iconheartwing:heartwing 8 13
An Answer to 'The Calling
We are "The Calling". For thousands of years, it has been our sacred duty to protect nature's balance. As man, we have cultivated the fallow lands, as beasts we have culled the herds. We are "The Calling"; we are of beast and man.
Chapter 1
Where should I begin this tale of loss and betrayal? How can I tell of becoming a monster, and of all that was gained and lost by denying "The Calling"?
I am Muin DeAshee; roughly translated as "Moon Shadow". I've also been known as "The Silver Lady", "The Silver Stalker", and "The Night Wolf." I am one of "The Calling". We are both human and animal. Myself in particular; I am a human and a wolf. The great mother gave me a lean sensual female body with softly tanned skin. She gave me silvery hair, and haunting gray eyes. My perpetually youthful body has the ability to change into the forum of a huge grey female wolf, and anywhere in between.
When I first answered the calling, humans had neither vehicles nor cities. They were scattered a
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I see inside
It's ironic, you know...
The wider I open my arms
The tighter I hold to myself.
Life tosses so much at you,
Takes so much from you.
Gives so little to you,
Keeps so much from you.
Empty eyes stare at me from every corner
hollow arms surround me at every turn
Darkness covers me
but the light exposes me.
There are tiny tears coming from the depths of my heart
soft sobs that spear my soul.
There is such a need inside
where the cub of me hides.
I have strength to combat the fears,
to dry the tears.
I have the heart to give the love,
to nurture what's inside.
I, alone, can protect you.
It's ironic, you know...
The wider I open my eyes,
the more I see inside.
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BFCC A lesson in Humility10-12
Chapter 10
The Hover 'Yote
If nothing else is ever said about him, the truth of Tobias is his indomitable will.  Right or wrong, once he sets his mind to something he never quits.  Beyond thirst, exhaustion, hunger, despair, terror, and his haunted torturous dreams, Tobias knows that he must never give in.  He must never be weak, and so he stumbles on.  Torn pads on his palms and soles leave pieces of himself as markers of the great bears passing.  Neither living nor dead, this automaton moves forward.  He sees nothing, despite the bright desert sun and sands.  He feels nothing, despite searing heat cooking his thickly fur-covered skin.  His thoughts are not even on the here and now; rather they swim in years past.  
The great bear stumbles again, one of hundreds of such times, and then falls onto the packed desert floor.  Though the crash of his massive frame sends clouds of sand into t
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I could hear the screaming from here.
I wasn't really sleeping anyway, never do.  I grabbed a pair of shorts from my dresser and jumped into them as I dashed to the closet.  There, I grabbed my sword belt and teleported.
Two short 'ports later, I found myself in front of a grocery store.  I could hear crying, and pain filled moaning.  Then I heard the crack of a gun being fired.  With a snarl I stepped through an open door into a hellish scene.
Immediately inside the store I found a victim who had been shot in the back, he wasn't suffering.  Nor was he breathing.  I drew my swords as I surveyed what I could see of the store.  Before me was the magazine and book racks, just to my left were the deli and eating areas, and just to my right was the Starbucks coffee kiosk.
No living people were in sight, but the smell of blood and gunpowder was everywhere.  I listen carefully; there was a faint sound of
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BFCC: A lesson in Humility 8-9
Chapter 8
A Wyld dance.
Deep controlled breathing, and the quiet thud of fur covered skin connecting with fur covered flesh is all he can hear as he quietly slips into the dark gym.  Like a moon shadow, grey tabby fur glides silently through the darkened hall toward the macro mats.  
Using a trick he's learned from growth class, Ransom concentrates hard on moving without sound while letting buried instincts trigger his erratic powers.  With surprising speed, his body expands and grows.  Catching himself even by surprise, Ransom nearly stumbles into a bench.  Concentration lost, his raw talent causes him to nearly triple in height from where he had grown to an instant ago.  Now the young fur stands at a whapping 85 feet tall.  He curses himself mentally, but resumes his silent trek into the open macro gymnasium.  
In a pool of light, almost centered in the huge room, two huge figures move in a graceful but d
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Kirk Buckley
United States
Current Residence: Vegas
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Favourite cartoon character: Guts
Personal Quote: Here there be Dragons
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Gift for a friend

A friend of mine, at work, is being moved inside the company.  I'd like to give her an original piece of artwork to let her know I'm always there for her, even if we're not in the same office anymore.

What I'm looking for is a mix of real life and fantasy.  She's deeply into horses, and of course I'm into dragons.  So, my idea is to have a picture of a pretty mare, not really too concerned with color, with a little green dragon either perched on her shoulder or hovering near by.  Definately looking for realism, with a touch of cuteness.  :)

I've got $200 to put towards this, though I don't know if it will be enough.

If anyone is interested in getting in on this, please note me or even reply here.



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